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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ready-made Terengganu Batik Garments Part 3

CD010 - Chiffon
Price - RM 190.00

CD011 - Chiffon
Price - RM 190.00

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Terengganu Batik - Jacquard Part 2

 Add more colors into your wardrobe. Get Terengganu Batik with the best price now!!. PLs sms or call leeya at 016-3447659 for any enquiries. U can also drop me an email at

JS003 - Jacquard
Price - RM 160.00

How To Take Care of Batik

  1. Wash the batik garment using hair shampoo. You can also use special detergent for batik fabrics, which is sold in the market.
  2. Never wash your batik garment in the washing machine. We highly recommend hand washing for all our garments because it is the most gentle way to care for hand printed fabrics.
  3. If your batik garment is not too dirty, you can just clean it in warm water. Don't rub and don't use detergent to remove stain. It is enough to clean it with body soap. However, if the stain is still there, you may apply the peel of orange to the stain area.
  4. Hang them in a dry, shady place. Avoid direct sunlight which may cause color to fade.
  5. Iron wrong side out, avoiding prolonged ironing over the batik garment. Don't fold the batik garment cause it will leave fold lines. Hang the batik garment well to keep.
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